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Russel Bedford International

Founded in 1983, Russell Bedford International is a global network of independent accounting, tax and business advisory firms. Russell Bedford is one of the world’s leading accountancy networks, with around 850 partners, 7500 employees and 350 offices in 100 countries worldwide. Russell Bedford International is a member of the IFAC Forum of Firms and a member of EGIAN, the European Group of International Accounting Networks and Association.

Russell Bedford International specialises in helping companies meet the challenges that international business expansion brings. The worldwide network not only gets you where you want to go, but also helps you explore new horizons – supported by global talent and the latest technologies. By sharing knowledge and developing ideas together in an international team, you have the opportunity to achieve goals you have never thought of before!

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Benefit from our worldwide network

Business without borders

The world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, bringing new challenges, especially as companies look to expand and cross international borders.

Our commercial expertise is complemented by a thorough understanding of the local business environment. A process such as registering a new company can be completely straightforward in one country, but complex and time-consuming in another. This combination of technical and practical aspects means that as a Russell Bedford International member, we can help you to develop smoothly and successfully in the global marketplace. With partner companies operating all over the world, we can assist you with tax and employment issues globally – without borders. Furthermore, as a Russel Bedford International member we are also able to provide contacts to other professionals (e.g. lawyers, bankers etc).

With Russel Bedford International you have:

  • Access to a worldwide network of professional service firms with a wealth of practical commercial experience
  • access to experts with the right skills, in the right place
  • an understanding of the big picture and detailed local knowledge
  • a rapid exchange of information
  • access to specialists in your own field of activity
    professional and personal service based on strong and established relation

Not only globally - also regionally

Further cooperations & partners

We work with experienced and competent partners from various sectors and fields. We are also happy to support our regional cooperation partners.

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Notariat Kapfenberg


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Christina Teusel & Denise Vorraber

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We are thrilled with the great cooperation with Hofer Leitinger tax consultancy! What a super team and top advice!

Christina Teusl & Denise Vorraber

Companies often do not even know which subsidies are available and which are suitable for their project. This means that significant growth opportunities are sometimes lost. With our all-round view and the concentrated know-how of our team, our clients don’t miss a thing. This is how we bring projects and visions to success together.

Michael Schmidbauer Inspiralia

I always enjoy working with Hofer Leitinger Steuerberatung: competent, uncomplicated, effective.

Dr. Guido Schwab Notary