Accounting solutions for medical professions



Many questions in the medical professions have a very professional “touch”: whether it is about profit determination, individual business expenses or cash register obligations. Finally, possibilities of optimising social security law are also very specific for doctors. Sometimes there are also decisions to be made about cooperation with others and the choice of legal form. Individual or group practice? Limited liability company or partnership? Partnership or joint management? Succession practice or (sale) of the practice? Professional law, company law, tax law and social security law issues are specifically intertwined and need to be dealt with and resolved.

It is good if you have a tax advisor at your side who is familiar with the relevant legal matters beyond the fiscal horizon.

With us, you gain a tax consultant who specialises in the efficient handling of accounting and human resources management, in optimising the determination of profits as well as in questions of doubt and special issues from the practice of medical professions.


On the verge of self-employment? Are you at the start of a new practice or a takeover? Is the birth of your child imminent and what general conditions will change as a result? Or is a (temporary) shutdown opportune? The fact is that you will always be confronted with tax, social security and labour law issues at some point in all professional life cycles. Being your competent advisor in all these phases is our profession and our claim.

Our services

Your benefit

  • Ongoing accounting and performance review
  • Profit calculation and tax returns
  • Optimisation of social security relations
  • Ongoing tax optimisation
  • Tax advice
  • Group practice and doctors’ limited liability company
  • Budgeting
  • Investment and financial advice
  • Payroll accounting

You are specialized -

so we are!

And we do this to meet the needs of the most diverse medical professions and their combinations:

Doctors and physicians

  • Established doctors – panel practice or elective practice
  • Substitute doctors in connection with employment
  • Substitute doctors without other employment
  • Salaried female doctors with (medical or scientific) secondary employment
  • Group practices and limited liability companies


  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Non-medical practitioners
  • Masseurs


  • Pharmacy

Other medical professions and activities

  • Nursing and old people’s homes
  • Midwives
  • Other


It also works without – and without any paper at all! We don’t need your paper receipts. Simply deliver them digitally! Benefit from our client portal My.HoferLeitinger: We link the booking line and the receipt – automatically, electronically, traceable at any time. We post weekly, so you always have an up-to-date overview of your outstanding accounts. Would you also like us to take care of your dunning and payment transactions? We would be happy to do so.

Use our online time recording and travel expense accounting or AVISO messages – no matter where you are.

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